Sports & leisure


Widikum Youths and Sports 2011 is organised and sponsored by NNTechnology and YCW Cameroon. This Sporting Competition, which started on the 3rd of July 2011 will last till 28th August 2011. NNTechnology have joined forces with YCW Cameroon, to sponsor this competition. Mr Titus and Callistus Nkonda have also kindly contributed their time, and expertise to make this competition a success.

The sporting event is held in Widikum, North West Region of Cameroon, where the founders of NNT first met as childhood friends in the mid nineties.

This sporting event aims to bring together youths all around Widikum, to compete for the ladies handball trophy and gentlemen football trophy. NNTechnology is sponsoring this competition – So far, they have provided 8 footballs, whistles, football pump, and the trophies.

We aim to provide three more footballs for the final day, and financial incentives are available to the winning teams.