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YCW is a youth self-managed Association vested with programs to sensitise, educate, train, and discard ills relating to child labour/abuse, prostitution etc, which tempers with the child’s welfare.

YCW was created in August 2005, but was officially legalised on the 19th of April 2006. Initially, the idea began from a theoretical study on Civil Societies back at National Polytechnic Bambui. Mr. ETOKE M. NGWESSE Eric, Founding President & CEO of YCW decided to concretise his studies and ideas to factual reality.

He met some friends, student of UNI YAO II, SOA, who welcomed and assisted in bringing up the six principal objectives of the Association. YCW was finally created with headquarters in Mbengwi, N-W Province of Cameroon.


Message from the Founder

We’ve all been children and we all know that children are vulnerable, especially when there’s no guidance. I believe that we the youths can make a difference by giving our support and concern to the less privileged children of the world.

Join our team; let’s work together for a better future. Contact YCW and become a member for this coalition. YCW has a good vision and dream, all donations and sponsorship are welcomed. Enjoy your stay browsing through this website.

Thank you.. Eric Etoke