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NNTechnology or NNT for short is an initiative of two members of YCW, Mr. Titus Nkonda and Mr. Eric Etoke. NNTechnology (NNT) is a new venture established since April 2010, through meticulous and thorough research carried out in Cameroon, Nigeria, Canada, Germany, USA and The UK.

NNTechnology is registered in Cameroon (Registration №: TPPRR:RC.BDA.2011B.144). It is an idea born by two professionals in the field of Business management and Modern Technology, aimed at encouraging youth initiatives and investment by providing cutting edge technology at affordable prices.

NNT source out top quality products from Europe and the American continent, and delivers them to YCW registered members, customers, clients and affiliates in Cameroon. Its Catalogue of products includes (but not limited to):

  • Mobile Phones,
  • Digital Cameras and Camcorders,
  • Office Computers & Laptops,
  • Video Projectors,
  • Data storage Devices and other Accessories.

These products are made available to our customers in Cameroon via:

  • NNT’s websites ( and,
  • Printed media such as Our Catalogues, Brochures, leaflets, etc,
  • NNT regularly organises exhibitions and demonstrations, promotion events, especially at Colleges in the N.W and S.W regions of Cameroon.
  • NNT’s head office and shop located at Ntarikon Market in Bamenda, opens 10/06/2011.

NNTechnology is managed by qualified professionals with many years experience in Business & Computer Engineering, who pride themselves in the Quality of Products and the services they provide.

This is a modern business with focus and direction. The products sold are carefully selected to meet the needs of members, clients, customers, affiliates and partners. NNT has a vision, which is not just for financial gain, but to play a bigger role in helping people achieve more, at a cheaper cost; and also contributing towards building our nation. It is therefore broken down into these long term goals:

  • To establish a registered & recognized profitable business
  • To provide top quality products, reliable after-sales services and prompt delivery.
  • To help bridge the digital divide by bringing latest technological advancements in home/office computer equipments to the average Cameroonian.
  • To help combat the influx of low quality fake products from China.
  • To combat poverty by helping to encourage youth initiatives and investment, while also creating jobs and enriching our economy.

NNT has declared its doors open for investment (Long term savings and Shares).

NNTechnology has a mission is to make technology available, accessible and affordable to all Cameroonians.


NNTechnology is independently funded and managed as a registered business. NNTechnology works together with YCW to encourage the use of technology and youth investment in the industry. It is a trusted partner and sponsor of YCW Cameroon.

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