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Youth projects


Youth-Self sponsored Projects (YINCIA CIG Projects)
The dilemma most Cameroonian youths face today is establishing a proper business plan and getting it funded. YINCIA stands for “Youth INtegrated Consultancy, Investment, and Agri-business”. This Division is managed by the Founder’s office seeks to direct long-term projects funded by youths themselves. All projects created under this division are given the name YINCIA CIG.

The division regroups registered members of YCW in a solidarity reunion and encourages compulsory savings for investment purposes. Through a ballot, members benefit in turns from the savings collected from all other members. All registered members of YCW benefit from 5% discount on all NNT and YCW products/ services.
General conditions for eligibility:

  • -    Must meet up with a registration fee of 5,000 FCFA within a year to enjoy full membership privileges for the period due. It is renewable yearly.
  • -    Must demonstrate the ability and capacity to save regularly on weekly basis.
  • -    Must sign an engagement form, giving assurance of settlement of any dues or debts to other members should any arise.
  • -    All projects created will pay the YINCIA working team for its services (control, consultancy, training, business development, etc) a minimal charge that will be levied accordingly. This is to ensure survival and continuity of YINCIA Projects.
  • -    A minimum of at least 12, 24, and 36 individuals is mandatory to create a savings scheme in any community.
  • -    Members must appoint a next of kin or representative to act on their behalf in case of inability to save or incapacity.

The savings are geared for particular types of investments as illustrated below:

  1. a-    Savings geared towards loaning to NNTechnology: For this savings scheme to operate, potential members of YCW must be twelve (12) in number and demonstrate the capability of saving 1,100 FCFA weekly for a period of one year, renewable. The scheme guarantees a member at least 52,800 FCFA worth of investment. Instead of the money getting into the hands of the beneficiary, it is cashed by NNTechnology and refunded to the owner after one year plus interest.
  2. b-    Savings scheme to support ongoing youth projects: This saving scheme is to support initiatives in dire need of funds. Youths in this scheme pay no interest on money contributed by other members. For this scheme to operate, potential members of YCW must be 24 in number, engaged in a productive activities, and demonstrate the capacity of saving 2,200 FCFA weekly for a period of two years. The scheme guarantees a member at least 211,200 FCFA cash to improve upon existing investment or becoming a shareholder of NNTechnology. A list of essential needs necessary to complete the existing project must be presented to the YINCIA working team charged with the need procurement.
  3. c-    Long-term savings geared towards start -up youth projects: A special requirement of this scheme is that potential members must bring along ideas of their dream projects. The YINCIA team will help develop these ideas into feasible professional business plans. This scheme is reserved for individuals that want to embark on major projects or investments. Potential members of YCW must be 36 in number, engaged in gainful activities, and must demonstrate the capability of saving 3,500 FCFA weekly for a period of three years. The scheme guarantees a member 504,000 FCFA. This cash can be invested into NNTechnology to become a shareholder with guaranteed dividend at the end of each year or investment in other productive activities such as agriculture, petit trading, etc.