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About us

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Youth for the Child’s Welfare or YCW is an association with Headquarters in Mbengwi. Mr. Etoke nursed its vision and structure in his struggle to emancipate the youths through meaningful contributions in life and before God. Practical takeover and guidance were the efforts of Mr. Njek Achu and Mr. Ngufor Drake, to whom the association owes a lot. Many have joined and are joining the race, just for the purpose of serving humanity and especially the vulnerable children.

The objectives set by the association are:

  • The fight against Child Labour/ Abuse,
  • The promotion of children’s Rights and duties/ obligations.
  • The fight against Child Trafficking,
  • The promotion of health, hygiene, and education.
  • The promotion of cultural awareness among children and the youths.
  • Maintaining the well being of the child in all its forms.

The association has achieved a lot in a space of no time. One of our most outstanding achievements is that of the many accreditations received from well-known and reputable organizations/ bodies. They include among others the Divisional and Sub divisional offices of Mbengwi, the Delegation of Social Welfare Mbengwi, the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms in Yaoundé, the Provincial Delegation of Secondary Education Bamenda, the British High Commission in Yaounde, the World Women Summit Foundation in Geneva and some others.

We have also succeeded in making an inventory estimate of all orphans in the Mbengwi community and from time to time paid visits in a number of schools to assist some of them with didactic materials and moral support. In addition to that, the association is partaking in major National and International Day events such as the National Youth Day, Day of the African Child, the World AIDS Day, Day of the African Child, etc.

For instance, YCW is just from celebrating the 19th day of November, day set aside for the prevention of Child Abuse as stipulated by the World Women Summit Foundation in Geneva. It should be noted that YCW is an active 2007 coalition member for that day. For reference, check through at the Internet: WWSF (Women’s World Summit Foundation) – Child Section (YCW).

Furthermore, YCW has succeeded in rallying youths and children via programmes, free lectures, trainings, and sensitization. Members too, have gained a lot. The YCW has moulded members into becoming talented and creative human beings through its solidarity, team spirit, and sense of responsibility. For details about YCW,S activities, interested individuals are free to come and see the Annual Report of YCW by December 31, this year.

The strength of YCW lies in membership devotion and team spirit, void of attractive vices such as corruption, bribery, tribalism, embezzlement, and self-interest that have eaten deep into our country, Cameroon today. The desire to have a clean name and the pursuit for growth/ excellence are our watchwords.

Our weaknesses lie in the fact that, no human being is perfect. A major handicap we face is that of lack of sufficient means as youths to contribute towards the rapid growth of our dream come true – Big YCW. The office currently used by YCW also serves as handicap due to its outdated and small nature in containing all YCW members. We are however, very grateful to Pa Ngufor, former Mayor Mbengwi Rural Council, for letting this premises to us for free, and to the numerous things he is still doing for YCW.

Our way forward is to keep up the shiny flag and improve upon the weaknesses enumerated above. We hope realizing good projects for the various stakeholders of Mbengwi to consume. Some major projects envisaged as at now include he frequent publication of magazines and the production of yearly calendars carrying very strong messages.

If you did not know anything about YCW, from today you shall tell others everything about YCW.
Parents and friends, tell your children and relatives to join us.