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CFC Project


Charity Fund for Children projects (CFC Projects)
This division falls directly under the supervision of the Founder’s Office and funded projects are executed at Branch levels in strict respect of YCW’s Articles of association. Activities of this division are geared towards the welfare of vulnerable children and orphans. The CFC projects gets funding for its charity activities from contributions made by members of YCW, NNTechnology, the state through the Delegation of social welfare, Funding from other organisations, gifts, fundraising, etc.

Charity activities in which YCW engages in include the following:
-    Honouring ECOSOC conference participations at the United Nations premises, in view of meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),
-     Visit schools to meet orphans and vulnerable children-Back to school gifts program,
-    Create YCW school clubs and organise follow-up activities,
-    Sensitisation Campaigns on Children’s Rights, technology, Health, societal ills, etc.
-    Teaching Civic and moral education in schools,
-    Career orientation through open forums,
-    ICT capacity building to improve education and business,
-    Sponsorship of leisure and entertainment activities, etc. (click here for more info)